These are links to the most recent editors' copies of the draft specifications I'm currently working on in the IETF. Those that are adopted by Working Groups usually (but not always) go into that group's repository, rather than here (e.g., see the HTTP Working Group).

Source and issues are kept in Github.

  • for-the-users - The Internet is for End Users
  • http-cache-channels -
  • httpbis-header-registry - A Registry for HTTP Header Fields
  • json-home - Home Documents for HTTP APIs
  • link-hint - HTTP Link Hints
  • link-template - The Link-Template HTTP Header Field
  • linked-cache-inv - Linked Cache Invalidation
  • rfc5785bis - Defining Well-Known Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
  • scoping-protocols -
  • site-wide-headers - Site-Wide HTTP Headers
  • structured-headers -
  • thanks-larry - Reserving the 418 HTTP Status Code
  • wugh-services - Using Third Party Services for IETF Work